Time and cost efficiency at your refinery

With high capacities, smaller footprints and tank placement to your specifications by our well-trained and experienced drivers, Baker has a rental tank solution for your refineries requirements..

Whether a planned turnaround or sudden need for temporary storage, Baker's full line of tanks and ancillaries are designed to save you time and money. 

Case Study - Refinery Turnaround

A tight refinery turnaround deadline required the temporary storage of all wastewater streams.

An integrated Baker solution benefited our customer by offering reduced costs by allowing them to avoid external waste disposal and decreased the amount of vacuum trucks needed. Eliminating the need for large shipments of waste resulted in the process being much safer and faster, a top priority during demanding schedules.

Case Study - Refinery Repair

A refinery needed to repair one of its diethanolamine storage tanks without stopping its production.

Our Baker tanks were purged with nitrogen to avoid any reaction with oxygen within the refineries DEA tanks, providing substantial cost savings as DEA production was continuous meaning the diethanolamine was usable. This meant the refinery gained significant production time thanks to the integrated Baker solution.



Planned maintenance
  • Catalytic cracker maintenance
  • Alkylation unit cleaning
  • Hydrocracker unit maintenance
  • Isomerisation unit cleaning
  • Heat exchanger bundle cleaning
  • Plant sewer maintenance
  • Intermediate storage of wastewater
  • Crude and slop tank maintenance and cleaning
  • Cooling tower cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning of process equipment
Temporary or long-term liquid storage
  • Quench oil and gasoline
  • Organic and inorganic chemicals, e.g. hydro sodium, sulphuric chloride, demineralised water, phosphate water, DEA, MEA
  • Temporary or long-term tank storage for overloaded wastewater treatment plants, sumps and ponds
  • Storage for spent caustics and acids
Rapid Response to Unexpected Situations
  • Hydrocracker unit blocked by pollution
  • Buffer of “off-spec” products
  • Leaks from pipelines & permanent tanks
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