Flexible & safe storage for oil & gas applications

We got our start in business by supplying storage tanks in the California “oil patch” over half a century ago. As a result, Baker has developed a deep knowledge base in petroleum and gas field applications.

We can help you meet your local, national and EU regulatory obligations for the containment of drilling, fracking and well production chemicals, wastewater and crude oil.

Case Study - Rainwater Treatment

Our Customer needed to harvest, treat and store rainwater from an onshore drilling site to enable an efficient and environmentally sound process.

In addition they were being constantly monitored on the environmental impact of the project so they needed to minimise both water use and transport movements.

Case Study - Shale Gas Exploration

The Fracking Challenge: One of Poland’s initial shale gas explorations required a very large temporary capacity for the storage of its hydraulic fracturing liquids.

Our Baker solution began with CAD plans for the precise positioning of 20 tanks near the well site, each connected with hoses and manifolds. The delivery of the complete pipework system was on time and fully environmentally compliant best practice standards.

Case Study - Oil Drilling

A tightly scheduled conventional drilling project in Germany ran into a common problem - a 200 m³ shortage of storage capacity for its flushing chalk.

Our integrated Baker solution consisting of tanks and ancillaries meant we met the customer’s high safety and quality standards, maintaining flexibility to accommodate changes in drilling conditions. Our timely delivery ensured we met all requirements necessary for the customer to avoid any delay in the drilling schedule.



Planned Well Maintenance & Workovers
  • Drilling
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Storage of water and crude oil during well testing
  • Well treatment and stimulation
  • Snubbing
  • Hydro-testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Permanent tank cleaning
  • Pipeline cleaning and pigging
  • Intermediate storage of flush water for cleaning wells
Planned Storage on Well Sites
  • Storage of acids, alkalis and demineralised water
  • Storage of site rainwater drainage including polluted water
  • Collecting fluid waste streams
  • Containment berms for IBC pump units and generators
  • Storage of KCL solution for drilling and well stimulation
  • Buffer storage for cementing stages
  • Storage and blending of drilling muds
  • Storage of backflow liquids during well testing and stimulation
  • Storage of condensates
  • Storage of reservoir water at underground gas storage sites
Unexpected Situations
  • Temporary storage of firefighting water
  • Temporary storage of wastewater
  • Emergency response
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