Tank Unlined with Coil

Projects that require temperature regulated storage of liquids at large volumes with a small footprint and maximum flexibility.

Separator Tank Unlined with Coil

Projects that require temperature regulated separation of liquid phases at large volumes.


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Temperature regulated storage

Baker Coil tanks offer the the same unique features as our storage tanks, such as "Plug & Play", multiple flange connections, side manways and a V-shaped base. Additionally, these rental tanks are equipped with an interior coil for steam heating and an unlined interior for use up to 100 °C. Available with or without draw ports for separation. These features make our coil tank a perfect solution for various heating projects.

From the temporary storage of product and waste streams at temperatures higher than ambient or during winter conditions, to the production of warm detergent for chemical cleaning, we have the ideal solution.

Benefits of Baker Coil Tanks:

  • Heating coil that can be easily connected to an on-site steam heating system

  • Unlined interior for more specific range of liquids, such as solvents, or those at higher temperatures up to 100 °C



Transfer solutions for industrial applications.

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Solids, Liquids or Vapour separation solutions to capture contaminants for responsible disposal.

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Complete range of ancillaries that complement tanks, pumps and filtration equipment.

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