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Flexible mixing operations

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Mixing & Heating Large Volumes Of Liquids

With four individually controlled mixing motors, the Baker Mix Tank is designed for the flexible operation for your blending or solids suspension needs. The mix tank has an interior coil for steam heating and an unlined interior for use up to 100 °C. Further, the mix tanks are Zone 1 ATEX-approved vessels with a capacity of 68,000 litres of liquid. And, as with all Baker rental equipment, the tank's electric motors and mixers are thoroughly maintained during our on-going QMS inspections.

Versatile Blending: From Plant Maintenance to Large Construction Sites The Baker Mix Tank has a wide variety of uses: for example, producing large volumes of heated, water-based detergent for the chemical cleaning of tanks, crude oil equipment, and other chemical or waste processing units. Our mix tank can also be used for the blending of slurries.

Benefits Baker Mix Tanks:

  • Zone 1 (gas) ATEX approved
  • Four (4) individual controlled motors allow for flexible mixing operation
  • Interior coil for steam heating
  • Unlined interior for more specific range of liquids like solvents or with higher temperatures up to 100 °C
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