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Ideal Usage

Process plant, industrial, construction, commercial and oil field applications, pipeline projects, sewage plant outages, drilling chemical storage.

“V” bottom and round bottom floor designs for easy cleanout. Tanks can be manifolded together for large projects.
Weights and Measures
Capacity 450 BBL (18,900 gal) to 500 BBL (21,000 gal)
Height 8' 6" – 11' 3" depending on model (grade to roof deck) Note: protrusions above roof deck include nozzles, manways, P/V valve and handrails
Width 8' 0" or 8' 6"
Length 40' 0" – 50' 0" depending on model
Weight Oil Field Frac Tank: 18,000 lbs (est); Fixed Axle: 24,500 lbs – 34,000 lbs
Valves 4" butterfly valves, typically (2) on the front and (1) on the rear. Number and size can vary depending on tank model.
Relief Valve Pressure: 16 oz/in2; Vacuum: 0.4 oz/in2; Not on all models.
Manifold Some models available with integral manifold headers. All others are manifold-capable.
Interior Lining Chemical resistant coating
Clean out All tanks have either a v-bottom or round bottom.
Access Typically fitted with 22" manways on top, front and side of tank. Number varies.
Material of Construction 1/4" ASTM A36 carbon steel
Quality/Safety Features QMS inspections on a scheduled basis. Staircase to top. Pressure/vacuum valve.



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